The doctors and staff at Watergate Dental are so pleased to offer YOU, our patients, CEREC technology.  In this post, we will explain why this makes delivery of your oral healthcare faster, more accurate, and much more convenient. 

If you have ever had a dental crown or bridge placed, you understand that there are several visits to the dentist involved.  During the first visit, your dentist prepares the tooth to receive a crown.  Then, a gooey mold of your tooth is taken, sent to the lab, and the crown is returned several weeks later for you to receive.  In the meantime, you are given a short-term crown to wear.  Due to the temporary nature of the crown, these will often come out during the interim period, necessitating yet another visit to your dentist for re-cementing.

Furthermore, occasionally a lab will send back a crown that, for one reason or another, does not fit satisfactorily.  This means yet another visit several weeks later to try-in another crown from the lab.  As you can imagine, all these extra visits can add up quickly and take you away from other responsibilities such as work and family. 

What if we told you that there was technology available that would allow your dentist to prepare your tooth, scan it, and create the final crown all in ONE visit?  Well, welcome to the world of CEREC technology!  CEREC is a system that allows your dentist to virtually scan your prepared tooth and send that scan to a machine within the office.  That machine then creates a final crown with stunning precision.  Yes—this means no more gooey molds, no more temporary crowns, fewer visits to the dentist, and less overall time in the dental chair! 

The best thing about CEREC, aside from increased convenience for our patients, is the stunning accuracy and predictability of the scanning and crown-making technologies.  This means less time adjusting, re-shaping, and re-fitting crowns in the dental chair.  It also means longer lasting restorations with less complications and fewer problems down the line.  Thank you for reading, and be sure to check out for more information on all things oral health!


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